Björn Borg as a workplace

Björn Borg as a workplace

Our goal

Our goal is to be the best workplace in the industry, with at least 90% employee engagement by 2019, as measured by a survey by Ennova. We also have an overarching goal that neither gender shall represent over 60 percent of Björn Borg’s key governing bodies.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

Employee engagement

We focus a great deal on building engagement among employees. Engagement is one of four KPIs that we use to measure our overall performance. In 2015 employee engagement rose from 69 to 72 percent. The goal is to reach 77 percent in 2016. During the year employees were involved in formulating updated corporate values and gained a greater understanding of them through dialogue and group exercises. Skills training, internal communication and performance management have also been important focus areas to increase engagement. Inspiring leadership is important as well to capitalize on and develop employee competence and engagement, which is why the company offered leadership development training in four different groups in 2015.


We offer a positive and healthy working environment and a workplace where management and employees join together to create a sense of well-being and maintain a culture of mutual respect. We invest heavily in the well-being of our staff, based on a conviction that exercise and an active lifestyle are key to better health, lower sick leave and higher performance. Every Friday we close the office for a mandatory Sportshour for all employees at its head office. All employees also receive physical fitness tests and set personal fitness and/or health goals, which are followed up together with a personal trainer. In 2015 employee strength (both perceived and actual) improved by more than 100 percent, according to these tests.


We aim for diversity. 68 percent (2015) of Group employees are women. The overarching goal is that neither gender will make up over 60 percent of our key governing bodies. Half of the management team is currently women and half men, and 40 percent of the Board of Directors are women. In a report released in March 2016, the AllBright Foundation included Björn Borg on its list of publicly listed companies with the highest gender equality. The mission of the AllBright Foundation is to identify and shape public opinion on gender equality in business with an emphasis on publicly listed companies.

Recruitment and promotion within Björn Borg is done using a model called CPR, for Competence, Personality and Results. These are the determining criteria, and our experience shows that this model, when used correctly, tends to lead to diversity. The composition of the Board of Directors is ultimately a question for the Nomination Committee, but gender equality is one of a number of criteria that the committee applies. The composition of the Board is decided by the Annual General Meeting.

The company also has a separate gender equality policy.

Zero tolerance for discrimination

We have zero tolerance for discrimination based on race, skin color, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. This is also expressed in an internal anti-discrimination policy. All types of discrimination further run counter to the essence of Björn Borg’s brand values.


We have a policy to combat bribery and corruption. Relevant employees receive training on corruption risks and how they can be managed. In our experience, an important part of creating an ethical environment is a workplace where people are free to say what they want and point out irregularities without the risk of repercussions and that has a high degree of transparency, where various decisions and actions can pass muster externally. As a listed company, Björn Borg also faces compliance requirements and must report on its internal controls. Each year we publish a separate corporate governance report that describes, among other things, the Board’s risk control through financial controls, among other ways.