Consumer dialogue

One of the tools has an impact on the user phase is that we offer long-lasting products through offering high quality, timeless design, and perfect fit. Even if we still have a long way to go, we are on a good run. Here a few milestones for our products during 2021:

But designing and producing in a more sustainable fashion is not enough. The product lifecycle has only just started when it reaches the consumer’s hands and it’s our job to inform and teach our followers how to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

People listen to people and through social media, influencers help us communicate our story and our mission: to inspire people to use training to become the best version of themselves. Training is not just a way for us to get stronger or faster. Mostly it is a way to think better, perform better, sleep better, and to find balance in life overall. Social media and influencers are a piece of the puzzle, but there are more, of course. Stores, newsletters, websites, packaging, and our staff all over the world – they are all equally important. Our hope is to inspire to a more sustainable living, both through work-life balance and through a more sustainable consumption and care, (re)usage, and recycling of products.