End of life

End of life

An important task, and a challenge, for the clothing industry and society as a whole is to try to create a cyclical flow of the earth’s natural resources. Expressions such as “closing the loop” and “circular product lifecycle” are often used.

The goal is to take material at the end of one lifecycle and begin a new lifecycle instead of throwing it in a landfill. A product can extend its life, e.g., by being sold secondhand or recycling the textile in some other form.

Our goal

Our goal is to take concrete actions to improve our environmental footprint in the final stage of the product lifecycle, the main objective being to create or contribute to a circular process where products and/or materials begin a new life in some other form. Concrete goals in this area will be implemented from 2017 onwards.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

We product categories (underwear and sports apparel) that pose challenges in terms of secondhand sales, and textile recycling is not yet a widespread commercial application. But there are other ways to contribute. For example, we have offered consumers a discount coupon for donating old clothing in our stores, donating the clothing to charity, including Stadsmissionen, a Swedish homeless organization.

We also send seized counterfeit (fake) products, and sometimes past season items, to charity organization His Church Charity, that rebrands them and donates them to needy, such as homeless. This is also an expression of our desire not to end the lifecycle of a fully functional product too early or unnecessarily and instead find better options.

We have also had product development initiatives where reused production waste was used in an “upcycling initiative”. By sewing together material from two different prints from scrap textiles, a new, unique pair of underwear was created. Production waste is also channeled in some cases to industrial recycling, including for use as stuffing in car seats. Through this type of reuse, we help to reduce the impact on the environment.