Fibre selection

Fibre selection

Like most clothing companies, we use a lot of cotton. Cotton currently accounts for more than 80 percent of the fibers used in our garments (based on number of units and percentage of cotton in them). As a fiber, cotton poses considerable sustainability challenges.

Significant amounts of chemicals are used to cultivate cotton and extract the fiber, which has an adverse impact on people and the environment. In addition, a great deal of water is required to grow and process cotton.


Our goal

By 2019 at least 70% of products developed will contain sustainable material, and conventional cotton will be completely phased out (own production).

For the collections developed in 2016 sustainable material will be used in at least 15 percent of underwear products and at least 10 percent of sports apparel.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

In 2015 we launched a collection of men’s underwear in organic cotton. Though accounting for just a small share of the total product range, this is an important first step in a gradual rollout of more sustainable material. A key activity in 2016 will be establishing a concrete rollout plan to achieve the long-term goal. One focus is to transition to better cotton alternatives or substitute cotton with other, more sustainable materials with similar functional properties. As part of this work, alternatives are being analyzed based on environmental and functional parameters.