Our goal

Our goal is that all of our product packaging will be environmentally certified (e.g., by FSC) or consist of recycled material by 2019. The goal is that 80 percent of our underwear packaging will be FSC certified beginning in 2017.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

Forest-Stewardship-CouncilThe new underwear packaging that we are rolling out in 2016 will include a gradually increasing amount of FSC-certified carton from responsibly managed forests.

We are continuously looking for ways to reduce the amount of material in our packaging, since total environmental footprint decreases the less material is used. We challenge ourselves whether a certain packaging material is really necessary, e.g. for functional reasons, to find opportunities to reduce materials used.

Another important part of the environmental footprint is to ensure that packaging is sorted by the consumer and can be recycled as far as possible. When designing packaging, ease in separating materials so that the customer can sort them is factored into the equation. We also encourages consumers to reuse packaging, and provides instructions on the packaging how to do so.