Use & Durability

Use & Durability

One of the big environmental challenges is the global overconsumption of inexpensive clothing of poor quality. Our goal is to make high-quality products that last and we are convinced that quality is really the backbone of sustainability. All our products are designed for a long and useful life and must meet high-quality requirements.

To make our products as long-lasting as possible, our sustainability team makes rigorous quality controls, checking for pilling, shrinkage, and colour bleeding. We also test how our products behave in real life and have independent inspection firms visiting our factories during production, securing high quality standards for sewing and fit.

Our production team makes risk assessments on our fabrics during different stages of a production, evaluating which fabrics and colours to send a Björn Borg standard test control. The fabrics are tested in a lab, which gives the fabric a rating and delivers a test report. If a fabric that gets a lower rating than our standard the supplier is asked to improve it.

We also do wear and wash tests to see how the product, the fabric and the trims work in real life. If any improvements are needed, this is communicated to the supplier and changed. This way our products get better, get a longer life span and we minimize the risk for claims.

After this Quality Process, our products are sent to production, during which we do a quality assurance (inline inspection). When the product is ready to be delivered from the factory, a quality control (final inspection) is made. Through using a third-party quality control, we can secure the quality of the products leaving our factories.

Through requiring this process already in production and before the garment leaves the factory, we avoid producing or shipping defect products that may otherwise have had to be disposed of. Our quality controls follow the ANSI/ ASQ Z1.4-2013 standard.