Decreasing Footprint

January 2020

Total Emissions for the Björn Borg business

Our emissions are tracked through a third party following the GHG protocol. According to the GHG protocol, the reported emissions and information should be relevant, complete, consistent, transparent and...Read more

Sustainable Trade Solutions

In our own retail, and all trade solutions that we offer our clients, all interior is made from recyclable material and all POS (Point of Sale) signs are made from FSC certified and/or renewable sources....Read more

Streamlined Transports and Shipping

Logistics account for 48% of our total emissions and is as such one of the areas where we have the best chance of decreasing our environmental footprint. Air transport is a very inefficient means of transport,...Read more

Sustainable Materials and Processes

A part of our product promise is to deliver long-lasting products. We have grown the ratio of B. Tomorrow products on the market from 5% 2017 to 20% 2018 and are on track with our goals on implementation...Read more