Our goal

Our goal is to reduce emissions from the Group’s operations by 40 percent per SEK of sales by 2019 compared with 2013. A large share of total CO2 emissions, about 60 percent, is from transporting products. Therefore we have set a goal that by 2019 a maximum of 2 percent of total product shipments will be sent by air (based on number of units shipped). The goal for 2016 is a maximum of 4 percent air freight of total collection shipments.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

We produce a climate impact report according to the GHG protocol to measure impacts from our operations, year on year. Our total climate impact from shipments decreased marginally between 2014 and 2015 due to a slightly larger share of shipments by truck rather than air. This was mainly because a larger percentage of production was handled in Europe, in Turkey.

Air freight accounted for 8 percent of all transports (collection units shipped) and for as much as 67 percent of the total climate impact from transports in 2015.


The percentage of air freight is too high and in 2016 we will take several measures to reduce air shipments. Our policy is that shipments from Asia should go by boat except in special circumstances. A priority here is to improve the planning of shipments as well as internal discipline in complying with the policy. Among other things, a formalized process to approve air shipments has been implemented and use of air freight is being monitored for each collection. Measures are also being taken to reduce air shipment of product samples during the development process. As a rule, we challenge whether samples are necessary for a specific product, and whether transports can be coordinated.