Streamlined Transports and Shipping

Streamlined Transports and Shipping

Logistics account for 48% of our total emissions and is as such one of the areas where we have the best chance of decreasing our environmental footprint. Air transport is a very inefficient means of transport, accounting for around 73% of our emissions (tonnes CO2) but only 2% of our total shipping volume. For that reason, we are actively working on keeping the air shipments down as much as possible


• Transport mode (e.g. air, sea, truck, rail)
• Transported distance
• Transported weight (tonnes).

One of our challenges lies in having the main part of our production in Asia. If any delay happens in the production chain, we may end up in a situation where air shipment is the only way to get products in time to our customers. Another challenge lies in the fact that our e-com business grows stronger, which is environmentally inefficient with fewer products per transport.

Through a well-planned purchase strategy, we will be able to decrease our air shipping and footprint. Another domain within logistics where we believe we can make a difference is through finding more efficient solutions for our shipping boxes and wrapping. We will implement a more fine-tuned measuring tool for the upcoming years.