Streamlined Transports and Shipping

Streamlined Transports and Shipping

Logistics account for 51% (1,124 tonnes Co2e) of our total emissions and is as such one of the areas where we have the best chance of decreasing our environmental footprint. Air transport is a very inefficient means of transport, accounting for around 70% of our emissions for logistics (tonnes CO2) but only 3% of our total shipping volume. For that reason, we are actively working on keeping the air shipments down as much as possible.


• Transport mode (e.g. air, sea, truck, rail)
• Transported distance
• Transported weight (tonnes)
• Transported volume.

We have made big progress during the year; among other things we centralised our markets into one warehouse. The new warehouse facility has a green building certificate (Miljöbyggnad Silver) through the Sweden Green Building Council. Miljöbyggnad Silver is a Swedish environmental certification issued through a third-party control of 16 different indicators such as energy usage, interior environment and materials used.

Nowaste Logistics also lives up to their name, recycling organic waste into biogas. During 2019, their waste produced biogas equivalent to 37,200 litres of petrol. A project working towards ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates is initiated. Using only one warehouse instead of several is not only cost-efficient, but it also reduces the number of cartons shipped from each supplier.

Additionally, we have implemented transporters that climate compensate for their pollutions. We have started to track all our deliveries in our own system using road and sea transport exclusively. Air transport is never scheduled by default and only taken if circumstances leave us with no other option.