Sustainable materials and techniques

Sustainable materials and techniques


Our own label B. Tomorrow guides consumers to our sustainable garments through clear on-product tags. It indicates how a product is sustainable – through the material or a process used in production. The requirements for the B. Tomorrow label are:

• A minimum of 70% percent of the material in the product is sustainably sourced (in weight per shell fabric, main linings and padding combined) and/or…

• 100% of the shell fabric (in surface) is printed or dyed with a process saving water and/or chemicals.

During 2020, we used the following sustainably sourced materials and dyeing or printing techniques
• Cotton sourced through BCI
• Recycled Polyester
• Recycled Polyamide
• S.Café®
• Solution dye
• Avitera® SE dye
• Digital print
• Sublimation print

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