Driving Sustainable Consumption

Driving Sustainable Consumption

Our product life cycle includes the period where our products are in the loving care of our consumers. This stage also has a significant impact on the environment. In fact, a Life Cycle Assessment we made some years back showed that nearly 60 percent of total climate impact was in this stage, mainly from washing.

Our target is that the users of our products – the consumers – will reduce their climate footprint too. And the responsibility is as much on us as on them, you, to do so.

Some of the measurements that we have taken are to introduce the label B. Tomorrow. All products marked with this label are sustainable according to our own high standards. We also work with making our packaging as easily recyclable as possible, and to educate consumers where we meet them in stores, online, and through our products.

Lastly, the consumer can, of course, contribute herself through taking care of garments, for example by washing them responsibly, including washing in lower temperatures, using less detergent and hang drying instead of tumble drying.

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