Driving Sustainable Consumption

Driving Sustainable Consumption

We see consumer consciousness both in that consumers make more sustainable choices, and that customers are putting higher requirements on their suppliers – a clear sign of a changing market.

Production stands for a big footprint, but after the product leaves the store, its lifecycle continues, and we can influence the lifespan in different ways. Sustainability starts with the design and a long-term commitment to make our collections last far beyond hype cycles or temporary trends. We create products that are designed to become future favourites.

Design aside, our production team makes detailed quality controls to assure that the products we launch have the longest possible life span. Fabrics are tested in a lab during different stages of production, giving them a rating and a test report. If a fabric gets a lower rating than our standard, the supplier is asked to improve it.

We also do wear and wash tests to see how the product, the fabric and the trims work in real life. If any improvements are needed, this is communicated to the supplier and changed.

After this quality process, the products are sent to production, during which we do quality assurance (inline inspection). When the product is ready to be delivered from the factory, a quality control (final inspection) is made. Through using third-party quality control, we can secure the quality of the products leaving our factories. This process is required already in production and before the garment leaves the factory, which helps us avoid producing or shipping defective products that may otherwise have had to be disposed of. Our quality controls follow the ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2013 standard.

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