User phase

User phase

Our product life cycle includes the period where our products are in the loving care of our consumers. This stage also has a significant impact. In fact a Life Cycle Assessment we did some years back showed that nearly 60% of total climate impact was in this stage, mainly from washing.

Take good care of this productOur goal

Our goal is that the users of our products – consumers – will reduce their climate footprint too, e.g., by taking care of garments and washing them responsibly.

What we are doing to achieve our goal

Our products, especially underwear and sports apparel, are washed often and usually at high temperatures.

Frequent washing and high temperatures have a significant environmental impact and affect the useful life of the garment in that its color and quality can deteriorate more quickly.

We therefore take various actions to encourage consumers to handle garments in a way that reduces the environmental footprint and extends their useful life. The company provides customers with simple washing instructions on the label and in more detail on and in the packaging.