Financial data

SEK million 2018 2019 2020
Net sales, SEK m      
Licensing 83.8 83.4 82.7
Distributors 494 463.8 454.9
Wholesale 468.6 530.4 466.6
Consumer Direct 185.8 197.3 211.1
Intra-Group Sales -515.4 -495.9 -481.3
Group 716.8 779.0 734.0
Operating profit, SEK m      
Licensing 13.4 13.4 12.5
Distributors 14.8 11.1 7.0
Wholesale 45.6 29.6 16.9
Consumer Direct -2.8 -2.7 -2.7
Group 71.0 51.4 33.7


Analysis in Swedish from Erik Penser Bank:

Back details by @lisa.olssons.
@vendelasvensson wearing our SS21 Collection.
We brought the Centre Hoodie in a new colour for this season - Sycamore.
Regram @mrjulls. "During the past year, one of the things that have kept me positive is training.  My body and my mental health need it. It has become a part of my life and I'm so grateful for that.⁠⁠
Even if I don't always feel motivated I take that time for myself and it's always worth it afterwards."⁠⁠
Whatever definition of #TrainToLive suits you, these pieces are here to support your goals.
This season's camou. @emilsebastiian
The tights we reach for every day, styled by @emeliehg.
Morning stretch. @fannyamandanilsson
Athleisure look by @emilioaaraya. "I train so that I have the strength to dance. I train to support my body and mental health."⁠⁠