Financial definitions

Gross profit margin

Net sales less cost of goods sold in relation to net sales.

Operating margin

Operating profit as a percentage of net sales.

Profit margin

Profit before tax as a percentage of net sales.

Equity/Assets ratio

Equity as a percentage of total assets.

Return on capital employed

Profit after financial items (per rolling 12-month period) plus finance expense as a percentage of average capital employed.

Return on equity

Net profit (per rolling 12-month period) according to the income statement as a percentage of average equity. Average equity is calculated by adding equity at January 1 to equity at December 31 and dividing the result by two.

Earnings per share

Earnings per share in relation to the weighted average number of shares during the period.

Earnings per share after dilution

Earnings per share adjusted for any dilution effect.

Operating expenses

Operating expenses excluding goods for resale, i.e., other external expenses, staff costs, depreciation, amortization and other operating expenses.

Brand sales

Estimated total sales of Björn Borg products at the consumer level, excluding VAT, based on reported wholesale sales.

Björn Borg

Björn Borg refers to Björn Borg AB or, depending on the context, the group in which Björn Borg AB is the Parent Company (also referred to as “the Group”). “Björn Borg” also refers to the Björn Borg brand or, in rare cases, Björn Borg himself. In cases where “Björn Borg” refers to Björn Borg the person, this is noted.


Retailers of Björn Borg products, including department stores, retail chains and independent merchants, as well as Group-owned or franchised Björn Borg stores and factory outlets.


Refers to the over 25 distributors with agreements with Björn Borg or with one of the external product companies on the use of the Björn Borg trademark and/or sale of Björn Borg products.

Product companies

Product companies are the Group companies Björn Borg Clothing AB (underwear) and Björn Borg Sport B.V. (sports apparel) as well as the external licensees EGOptiska International AB (eyewear), Libro Gruppen AB (bags) and Trend Design Group (footwear), which have agreements with Björn Borg on the use of the Björn Borg trademark in the development, design and manufacture of Björn Borg products.

Björn Borg stores

Björn Borg stores are stores managed by either Björn Borg Retail AB or franchisees and sell only Björn Borg products.


Franchisees are companies with franchise agreements with Björn Borg, giving them the right to manage Björn Borg stores.


The network comprises Group companies included in Björn Borg and product companies, distributors and franchisees that directly or indirectly have contractual relationships with Björn Borg on the use of the Björn Borg trademark and/or sale of Björn Borg products. Independent retailers that are not franchisees are not part of the network.

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