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October 2018

Björn Borg in collaboration with well-known fashion artist Ryan Hawaii

Swedish sportswear brand Björn Borg drop their new collaboration – an underwear collection created by Ryan Hawaii – One of the world’s most interesting designers today. Read more

September 2018

Swap drugs for sportswear – workout is the new high

Last week, a revolutionary pop-up shop opened in central Amsterdam, where people could swap drugs for sportswear. Why? Because you don’t need drugs to get high – the same feel-good substances are released in ... Read more

Get a trip by working out – Björn Borgs new campaign is all about Exerhighs

Training does brilliant things with our bodies, that’s no news. What’s even more fascinating is what it does to our brains. When working out, feel-good chemicals are released in our brain, which are sub... Read more

June 2018

Tifo hijacks the World Cup premiere for LGBTQ rights

During the premiere of the World Cup in Russia, a gay couple kissing with Russian and Saudi Arabian flags painted on their cheeks is displayed through a tifo in Augmented Reality. Together with the message... Read more


Today love is controlled by states and religions – this means same-sex marriages are forbidden in 87% of all countries in the world. That’s the background to the initiative Marriage Unblocked – a digit... Read more

February 2018

Björn Borg subsidiary in Finland becomes wholly owned

Björn Borg AB has acquired 25% of the shares in the group's Finnish subsidiary, Björn Borg Finland Oy.  The stock was previously owned by the subsidiary CEO Ove Asplund. Björn Borg Finland Oy becomes who... Read more