The road to change

The road to a more sustainable future is, for Björn Borg, to follow the 1,5 degree pathway. We have established a roadmap for how to accomplish that, and the path is divided into three different areas:

The three focus areas in our roadmap cover our whole business, following the wheel at the top of this page and it is our promise to follow this path. The basics are covered on these pages here but we are thrilled if you share in on more in-depth information through our sustainability report.

To meet the goals, we need an engaged top management and board. During 2021, our Senior management team and Board of Directors signed off our 2030 roadmap and moved sustaianbiltiy to one of our top three focus areas for the company.


So what is the goal?

As a member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action, STICA we have committed to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50%  by 2030 from a 2020 base year. Read more about this under “decreasing footprint”.

Our whole value chain is involved on this journey and all employees have a functional “green” goal as of 2022. Our path is a living organism; the surrounding world is constantly changing, and we must change with it. Sometimes this requires us to go off the beaten path, but we never stop pursuing our goals.

A few cornerstones that we are working towards right now:

  • 100% sustainably sourced bags.
  • 100% sustainably sourced materials for apparel.
  • 100% sustainable and easily recyclable material/constructions used for packaging.
  • 100% sustainable import and export materials in the supply chain (cartons and polybags).
  • Full transparency and deeper insights in tier 2.
  • A plan to move to 0% air freight.