Our journey to a more sustainable footprint

Björn Borg operates in a business which by nature has a negative impact on the environment. But no matter how frustrating and despairing that may feel, most of us need to cover our bodies with something. So we need to find new ways, new technologies, new materials. We can make a difference. We can contribute to change. And it is our responsibility both as human beings, and as a company, to keep our ecological footprint as small as ever possible.

Under the name B. Tomorrow, Björn Borg works actively with reducing our carbon footprint as well as securing good working conditions and respecting human rights for people manufacturing our products.

Our sustainability work is integrated in the core of our business and takes a central part in our product development strategy. Our ambition is to close the loop and minimise our environmental impact during the whole product lifecycle.

You can read more about our sustainability vision and roadmap in the different sections here, but in short, we commit to:

  • Minimise our waste and dependency on finite resources.
  • Measure ourselves accountable.
  • Enforce that sustainable production will always be a central part within our design development (conscious design).
  • Take full responsibility that our suppliers follow our code of conduct; reduce the environmental and social impacts of our production.
  • Include criteria of sustainability throughout the whole journey of the product towards the consumer.
  • Commit ourselves to stay transparent.
  • Always strive to be better, never stop innovating.
  • Promote ethics and sustainability with consumers and other stakeholders.


Sustainability news