Working at Björn Borg

Working at Björn Borg

Every single one of Björn Borg’s employees contributes to the development of the brand; their unique experiences, creativity, and motivation serve as essential tools to grow the brand and the company.

As an employer, Björn Borg aims to offer a stimulating environment where the management team and the employees collaborate to form a company culture built on high ambition, drive and a strong passion for both fashion and sports. It is our unbreakable team spirit that gives us the power to succeed, and we value a positive mindset that can provide us with the strength to push those boundaries and be the best at what we do.


We care about our employees. High employee engagement is a highly prioritized goal in our strategic business plan and we want all members of every team to be engaged, satisfied and motivated in playing their part of the game. Here are some benefits of being part of our team:


We encourage constant development, both of professional skills and of your personal ones. We define individual goals each year and make sure to reach them, through education, training and other development activities.

Get better

We have a structured way of working with performance management, following up the goals of each employee monthly. Strong leadership is an important way to coach everyone’s growth. You will probably get challenged. And at the same time coached in terms of solving that challenge. Getting better is what makes us win again and again.

Get stronger

We want you to feel good and get stronger when you are working with us at Björn Borg! That is why we close the office and have a sports hour together every Friday from 11.00-12.00. We passionately throw ourselves towards bold new goals, challenge each other and are who we want to be. And to make sure we get stronger, we set individual “Get stronger-goals” every year. As part of our team, you will get stronger.

Better prices

Members of our team have the possibility to buy products at discounted prices.

Awesome Colleagues

Talented colleagues that you will love! The most appreciated benefit in our current team is the colleagues. Our shared passion and our strong engagement combined with working towards clear goals and constant development is what we like most about Björn Borg. We treasure this working environment and make sure to keep it alive by boosting it with fun activities and events.

Details by @tovewaldemar.
Sportswear for spring.
Lounge look by @lisa.olssons.
Outdoor season starts now.
"For me, training isn’t just about running faster or lifting heavier weights. Even though I love seeing data from my training, for me it all comes down to keeping energy moving.⁠⁠
It’s about sweating all the negative energy in me. At its best, training is about growing physical but also emotional resilience. ⁠⁠
Now or never has been the time to learn new things and change perspective so that we can live our best lives in this moment."⁠⁠
@kriselda on why she #TrainToLive.
Back details by @lisa.olssons.
@vendelasvensson wearing our SS21 Collection.
We brought the Centre Hoodie in a new colour for this season - Sycamore.
Regram @mrjulls. "During the past year, one of the things that have kept me positive is training.  My body and my mental health need it. It has become a part of my life and I'm so grateful for that.⁠⁠
Even if I don't always feel motivated I take that time for myself and it's always worth it afterwards."⁠⁠
Whatever definition of #TrainToLive suits you, these pieces are here to support your goals.