Product development

Product development

Björn Borg is a sports fashion brand offering sports apparel (training and leisure), underwear (fashion and sport), bags, swimwear, socks and lounge wear. Björn Borg also offers footwear and eyewear made under license.

A first test generation of training equipment sold out to be refilled in 2022.

Björn Borg’s products are sporty and modern, with clear guidelines in place to ensure a consistent, contemporary design. The feeling and expression in our garments are set out in a design platform based on timeless Scandinavian aesthetics. In recent years, expressions on both product and communication have been redirected to clarify the company’s identity. A modern, Scandinavian, and unique expression, in which the company’s values were allowed to play a more central role, was established. The new creative direction has since characterized the collections in a very positive way. Furthermore, Björn Borg’s internal design and product department, as well as external licensees, are governed by high sustainability goals and quality requirements.

Important events in 2021

The global pandemic and external factors such as skyrocketing commodity prices, transport delays and capacity constraints have strongly affected operations in 2021. With a clear focus, smaller but highly skilled in-house teams with strong passion, these have been parried in a strong way with good results.

During the year, four collections were released, with sportswear still in focus. One highlight is the Seamless collection, which has become one of the best-selling products in its own channels since its introduction in the spring of 2021. Another is that clothes for racket sports are now available all year round. The brand’s relevance in the current padel trend is great. With growing e-commerce, a number of faster drops were also made in our own channels.

During the year, collection adjustments were made within Him Underwear with a positive effect on the pre-order book. The pace of development of the brand’s driving Underwear concept was increased in order to maintain the leading position in Underwear him in the established markets.

A first test generation of training equipment sold out to be refilled in 2022.

As a result of the pandemic, but also the compa- ny’s sustainability work, more suppliers in Europe have opened up for future growing cooperation. Building a strong brand has been a central ambition for many years. In this respect, all categories play an important role and the collaboration with the Varberg-based Bag team and the Footwear license was intensified during the year.

In November, Björn Borg, as a member of STICA, officially committed to reaching the goal of reducing the company’s carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030 (Base year 2020). During the year, the company’s sustainability group worked hard on the governing documents that will direct the sustainability work in the future. The goal is for 90% of the company’s employees at HQ and sales offices to have function-driven goals for sustainability in 2022. In the autumn of 2021, the first 100% sustainably sourced collection was delivered by Sports Apparel and Underwear.

Focus going forward

In 2022, a lot of focus will be placed on growing Sports Apparel through a broadening and deepening of the range and fine-tuning of the price structure. Much focus will also be put on the growing e-commerce and optimizing the product range for it. Regarding sustainability, the focus will be on reducing energy- related emissions in production, converting materials into better alternatives and setting strategies to eliminate air freight in the long term.


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Clothing for every workout @vildeehaa.

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When in doubt, here’s some outfit inspo.

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We commit to offer nothing but the best.

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Björn Borg x Barry’s Nordics challenge is here!

Join us in a challenge that will test your determination, push your boundaries, and reward you for your hard work with exclusive merch.

The challenge runs between April 10 - May 9 (30 days).
- Complete 10 classes to earn an exclusive sleeves top.
- Complete 20 classes to earn an exclusive sleeveless top and sweatshirt.
Train To Live “10” and “20” class packs are available online at and in-studio. 

It’s not about being the fastest or the strongest, it’s about being bold and never giving up.

Sign up today and find more information @barrysstockholm @barryscopenhagen @barrysnorway 🤝

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Sports Hour with @karin__lundstrom 🔥

“Sometimes, simplify to make movement happen. Like. At home 4 exercises to target important muscles for upper back strength and core stability, week spots (for many). Do it with a band to make it really burn (challenging).

Start by moving optional way into this day 10.000 steps - walk, run, dance…

Then find a floor space and do 3-5 rounds each side for quality:
kneeling banded straight arm push 10-15 slowkneeling banded scapula w lat pull10-15 slowkneeling banded rotator pull 8-10 r/l slowplank banded lateral arm walkout 10-15 slowside hold banded arm felt pull 8-10 r/l slow
rest repeat x”

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Centre Premium - the latest addition to our Centre Collection. Timeless pieces that never go out of style.

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The ultimate premium feeling. 
Made from top-quality, extra-long Supima® cotton that is breathable and wrinkle-resistant. The Premium Boxer gives unrivalled comfort. And it looks incredibly good.

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Sports Hour @vildeehaa. 

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We’re thrilled to announce that Björn Borg and Barry’s will be partnering up during this year. With our shared values as a strong foundation, we feel that this is a perfect match.

At Björn Borg and Barry’s we share the belief that moving our bodies makes us better versions of ourselves and enriches our lives. Together we get stronger in mind, body, and soul – one sweaty workout at a time.

Expect a lot of exciting things to come!

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A few tips for a more sustainable Monday.

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Sports Hour with @karin__lundstrom 🤝👇

“Easy access on weekends with short at home flows, but still full connection burn. Like. Target ABS with clever add ons so it is at the same time full body stability - gymnastic strength we all benefit from. Do it with a band to make it really burn (challenging).

Start by moving optional way into this day 10.000 steps - walk, run, dance…

Then find a floor space and do 3-5 rounds for quality:
- 10 Leg raise and drop with arms straight side press to the band.
- 20 alt leg raise and drop with arms straight side press to the band.
- 10 banded alt straight connection knee to elbow.
- 10 alt crossing connection knee to elbow.
- 10 foot assisted banded lateral hip raises R/L.
- 10 banded star fish R/L.

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