Product development

Product development


Björn Borg is a sports fashion brand offering sports apparel, underwear (fashion and performance), bags, swimwear, socks and loungewear. Björn Borg also offers footwear and eyewear under license.

Björn Borg’s products are sporty and modern, with clear guidelines in place to ensure a consistent, contemporary design. The feeling and expression in our garments is set out in a design platform, complemented by instructions and inspiration for each season. These are followed by Björn Borg’s internal design department and external licensees.


The global pandemic had a major impact on operations in 2020, but with a clear focus, in-house talent and strong passion it was still a very positive year for the product.

The year’s first collections were collaborations with DPM, Liam Hodges, Naito and Scandinavian Man, before the company found a new creative voice with a new Creative Director at the helm. The emphasis in the AW20 collection was on both product and communication to highlight the company’s identity. A modern, uniquely Scandinavian expression was created with the company’s values playing a more prominent role. The new creative direction has since then influenced the collections in a very positive way.

Key elements like the Centre Collection were relaunched after extensive efforts to improve fit, quality and function. Underwear was broadened to include more silhouettes and price levels with a more modern expression.

Sports apparel was the strategic focus for the entire year and the launch last autumn of the Running from Daylight concept successfully introduced the creative change. To further inspire people to exercise and live a sustainable life, home workout equipment was released last autumn in the Group’s own channels.

Building a strong brand has been our ambition for many years. In 2020, the bag collection went from being manufactured under license to becoming a product group designed by Björn Borg’s internal product department. This makes it easier to maintain a consistent product line.

In terms of sustainability, the company’s focus during the year was on becoming an even more sustainable supplier. AW21, which was introduced for sell-in in November 2020, offers only sustainably produced sports apparel and underwear. This means that all of the company’s clothing delivered in autumn 2021 will qualify as sustainable alternatives.

Greater focus was put in 2020 on ensuring that external production partners around the world, despite the global pandemic, continued to deliver quality on time.


In 2021, the company will adapt to new conditions. A more efficient team will build on a collection that has never been stronger.

The focus will be on getting closer to the customer and offering the right products more efficiently. With a growing e-commerce business, the collections will change and the relationship with the consumer is expected to impact the way we work.

The sustainability work will result in more sustainably produced bags and shoes and a roadmap to reduce the climate impact of our production by another 30 percent by 2030 with 2021 as a baseline.

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