Product development

Product development

Brand and products

Björn Borg is a sports apparel brand offering athleisure wear, underwear (fashion and performance), swimwear, socks and loungewear.  Björn Borg’s products are sporty yet fashionable. Wearing them should make customers feel active and attractive. To ensure a uniform, contemporary design expression, clear guidelines are in place. The feeling and expression in our clothing is detailed in a modern design platform, complemented by specific guidelines for each season. They are followed by Björn Borg’s internal design department and external licensees for bags, footwear, eyewear, homewear and fragrances.

Important events in 2018

The largest product area in terms of sales is still underwear, but the product category that is growing the fastest is sports apparel. In 2018 the share of sustainable products accelerated, and since late fall this has also been communicated on products and the website. The company’s sustainable initiatives and products fall under the umbrella of B. Tomorrow. Customers can now find information on the initiative and navigate to products that are better alternatives for the environment in-store and online. A priority in 2018 was assuring product and production quality, which over time results in a higher quality and sustainable product.

The Björn Borg Performance collection for urban athletes grew strongly during the year and our product range is broadening. In spring 2018 Björn Borg Swimwear was relaunched with colorful patterns and robust sell-through. In the Sports Apparel category, the Archive Collection was launched in late fall. Inspired by the company’s history, the concept will live on for several more seasons with creative interpretations of Björn Borg’s prime. Björn Borg also accelerated the number of collaborations during the year. In spring 2018 a collaboration with the Japanese artist Naito was launched, and in spring and fall it was underwear created together with Ryan Hawaii, beginning a series of collaborations designed to ignite brand heat.

Focus going forward

In 2018 the focus was on initiatives to build the brand and stimulate sales through a clearer and more sustainable product range that mainly will reach the market and customers during 2019. The priority is to maintain a #1 position in men’s underwear in mature markets, further further develop performance underwear and successfully establish our sports apparel in the right channels. We will be more innovative and the number of collaborations, concept collections and quick-to-market offers will increase. Cost control and sustainable alternatives are critical. New strategic plans will be formulated in 2019 around categories and sustainability in order to set the direction for the new business plan.