Since acquiring the trademark in 2006, the Group has global rights to the Björn Borg trademark for relevant categories of products and services. By owning the trademark, the Björn Borg Group can operate from a position of strength internationally and control the brand’s development. At the same time ownership provides long-term security for the entire network of licensees and distributors.

The company is responsible for the development of the Björn Borg brand as well as implementation and compliance with the brand strategy within the network. As a service organization, Björn Borg can provide its distributors with the best prospects of success in their markets. This is done through, among other things, guidelines and tools for partners in the network, including marketing activities, displays and graphic identity material, which ensures branding consistency and is efficient for distributors.

In a network comprising the Group’s own entities as well as independent companies, tight control over the brand is crucial. With the exception of production, which is handled outside the Group, Björn Borg has its own operations at every level from product development to distribution and retail sales. This depth gives the Group the best chance of ensuring the continued development and correct positioning of the Björn Borg brand.

The Group has specialists in brand management and development. Since acquiring the Björn Borg trademark in 2006, the Group has been responsible for trademark registration and protection. Björn Borg devotes significant resources to combat the sale of counterfeit products, especially in the Netherlands and Denmark and tourist destinations such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Southeast Asia.