Human rights in our factories

Björn Borg assesses, in its daily routines, whether our operations and business relationships could cause, contribute, or even be directly linked to any potential or actual adverse impact on human rights. Some relations are more difficult to evaluate than others though. For instance, shipping and part of our production value chain are beyond our control and we have little to no insight. Björn Borg is naturally committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights and to ensure that the company is not complicit in human rights violations.

We support decent, meaningful jobs with fair compensation and benefits in safe, secure workplaces free from discrimination, where everyone has the right to freedom of association.

We give continuous training and take measures to enable key suppliers to safeguard labour rights and improve working conditions. We commit to stable, long-term supplier relationships and the implementation of related measures, for instance contracts over several years. In our communication with suppliers of both products and services, as well as through available legislation and regulations, along with our code of conduct, we acknowledge the risks, first and foremost in our indirect business relationships, sub-contractors. Today, our best option is to follow up and work with our direct suppliers to further improve human rights performance, enforce our code of conduct and policies, and to further map our value chain. Björn Borg doesn’t have a human rights policy per se, but follows a line of related policies:

  • Code of ethics for business partners
  • Sustainability commitment
  • Child labour policy
  • Migrant worker guidelines
  • Animal welfare
  • Responsible raw material sourcing policy
  • Chemical restrictions policy
  • Whistleblowing policy
  • Internal code of conduct and ethics policy
  • Anti-discrimination policy
  • Anti-harassment policy
  • Equality policy
  • International labour standards protecting workers’ rights according to the amfori BSCI code of conduct.
Our manufacturers

Our products (own production*) have been produced by 15 tier 1 vendors (of which 4 for bags) in a total of 27 factories (of which 5 for bags) during 2022.


*Own production refers to factories contracted by Björn Borg, excluding factories contracted by licensees (footwear and eyewear).

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