Employees and organisation

Employees and organisation

With their competence, creativity and drive, Björn Borg’s employees contribute to the development of the group and brand, and are essential to the company’s success. As an employer, Björn Borg tries to offer a stimulating work environment, where the management and staff work together to build an internal culture characterized by high ambitions, drive, and a strong passion for fashion and sports.

One of management’s top priorities is to provide current employees with opportunities for development, as well as to attract new employees with the rights skills to the organization. This is achieved by way of building an open and stimulating corporate culture, where employees can grow and develop on the job. In a growing group such as ours, with an ever-expanding number of markets, we rely on structure and standardized procedures- at the same time; we value and maintain our creativity.

Björn Borg’s employees are usually highly skilled individuals with extensive industry experience, bringing their unique and diverse competencies in fashion and sports apparel from both Swedish and international fashion companies and retailers. Björn Borg employees have a strong interest in fashion and sports, and this is reflected in the strong internal company culture. In order to maintain a high level of innovation and creativity, inspiration is often sought out at various trade shows and international fashion events. The company also places great importance on creating an inspiring internal culture, where the driving force is to inspire people to feel active and attractive.

Shared Values

With Björn Borg’s extensive international business network of partners, shared values play an important unifying function for Björn Borg’s brand development. The values that define Björn Borg are outlined as followed: Passion, Multiplying, and Winning Attitude. This highlights the way in which Björn Borg works, including all internal and external communication.

As stated in our company mission: “we believe all humans carry the will to make a difference—for themselves, for someone else, or for the world. We believe that we all can be different and make things better. Together we can change the game and break what is impossible”; this belief is one that we treat with the utmost seriousness. Everyone at Björn Borg is treated equally and has the same development opportunities regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Organization during the year

This year, Björn Borg strengthened its organization competency through new recruitments in design, product, and branding, placing an increased emphasis on sports fashion. The company also completed a mapping of its competencies in order to identify additional areas of improvement for the coming year, so that the organization can meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

This long-term effort is also aimed at creating a competency-oriented, stimulating working environment. Each employee creates individual development goals that relate to their functional competencies, as well as their personal well-being.

Performance Management

A growing company requires a well-structured organization and clear delegation of responsibilities. Björn Borg uses detailed job descriptions with measurable goals for each employee, and makes use of a structured approach to creating an efficient working environment where people thrive and perform well. The company has formulated a business plan (Northern Star), with clearly defined goals for 2015-2019. Employees at every level of the organization were involved in developing the plan, and received support from senior management. Whilst maintaining the same degree of involvement, these overarching goals were then broken down by department and by individual, so that all employees would have clear goals and activities that lead to collective business objectives. These goals are followed up on via monthly, individual reviews, in order to maintain focus and maximize results. In addition to strategic growth, the goals include improvements to the working environment, corporate culture, and each individual’s personal and professional development. Each individual also has personal health goals. The company’s compensation system comprises a base salary, and variable compensation for certain key employees, where the latter is paid out when individual targets are met.

Organization by the numbers

The average number of Group employees was 132 in 2015, compared with 129 in 2014. The average employee age was 32, and consisted of 68 percent women and 32 percent men. Physically, the average employee age is 29, which is three years younger than their physical age. This was measured by means of a fitness test with a personal trainer, that all employees partook in at various points throughout the year; the personal trainer also helped employees to set personal fitness goals. In 2015, employees improved in all the areas measured (endurance, strength, flexibility, and perceived well-being), and this was in line with the goals set for the group. Employee engagement in the organization is high (at 72%), and increased during the year, also in line with current goals. All departments have been involved in setting their own goals for the coming years.