We welcome sponsorship requests and will take them all into account, but will not be able to enter an agreement with all, of course.

Under the umbrella of The Game Changer Ambassadorship program, we are looking for extraordinary individuals or groups of individuals. Not necessarily extraordinary in terms of results, wins and progress in sport – but in terms of human beings. We are looking for people who have an interesting and relevant story about pursuing dreams against all odds. We want them to be highly dedicated and trustworthy athletes but not necessarily pro athletes.

This is what Björn Borg lives by, and we want our ambassadors to do the same:

Change the perspective. Challenge the truth. Doubt your doubts. Don’t let others tell you what you can do – tell them there’s nothing you can’t do. Want more. Be more. Be yourself, be your best. Rise above the rest. Break rules, break norms, break what’s impossible. Achieve all.

We also do other sorts of collaborations; so if you think you are a good fit, please contact:

Linnéa Gunnarsson

Project Manager, Marketing


+46 70 264 18 68