Whistleblowing & Policies

Whistleblowing & Policies

Björn Borg is committed to ethical business conduct at every level. Our code of conduct lays down the principles that we apply to ensure high ethical standards in business operations and in taking responsibility as a corporate citizen of the world. The starting point is that Björn Borg shall always conduct business with integrity and honesty and shall take responsibility for how its business impacts people and the planet. Björn Borg shall offer a safe and healthy working environment and a workplace where managers and employees join together to create a sense of well-being and maintain a culture of mutual respect.

The Björn Borg Group is committed to conducting its business with honesty and integrity and expects all employees to maintain the standards prescribed by law and Björn Borg’s Code of Conduct.

Business ethics

The key to creating an ethical and transparent business environment is a workplace where people are free to speak their minds and point out problems and irregularities openly and honestly without risking negative repercussions. Therefore, we promote a culture where anyone within or outside the company feels safe and is encouraged to act and report any wrongdoing related to our operations.

Our whistleblowing system can be used by anyone inside or outside Björn Borg’s organisation. If you know something is wrong, please let us know! Your input will be given serious consideration and you can remain anonymous. Please read our Whistle Blowing Policy (on link below) for more information.

Staff policies in place

• Gender equality diversity policy

• Discrimination policy

• Anti-harassment policy and guidelines

• Workplace environment and human rights policy

• Salary policy and pension policy

• Code of conduct

• Whistleblowing policy

• Information policy

• Insider policy

• Occupational health and safety policy

• Travel policy

• Car policy

• Alcohol and drug policy

• Data protection policy, GDPR handbook

• Charitable donations policy

• Responsible marketing guidelines

• Crisis management plan.

No whistleblowing reports were filed in 2022 but seven incidents of discrimination were reported directly to HR. Corrective actions were taken and the cases are solved. There have been no reported incidents of corruption. Employee stress levels are mapped through surveys and with the help of an ombudsman we make action plans and follow up according to our internal policy and current legislation. All our employees are covered by a health and safety management system.

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