Vision, business concept and strategy

Vision, business concept and strategy

In every country we use a simple framework, which offers the key to our future success. We call it the ”Björn Borg Framework for performance”.

– CEO Henrik Bunge.

The framework consists of five questions, all different but none more important than the other. The framework is also our process, a way to think, where each question always comes in the same order. To measure that we are progressing toward the goals that the questions point out, we break down them down by department and individual, and we make sure that the goals are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Relevant, Timely).

The questions are: Where are we going? Where are we? What to do? How do we do things? and Why do we do this?

The first question is: Where are we going?

To be the No 1 Sports Fashion Brand for people who want to feel active and attractive.

The second question is: Where are we?

For the most part our annual report describes exactly this, i.e. our current situation. However, this is strategically broken down into each department and each individual. For us, it is crucial to always look at the “brutal facts” and understand where you are before you can move forward.

The third question is: What to do?

It is simply describing what we need to do to take us from where we are today to where we need to be tomorrow. We have identified three cross-functional strategic themes for what we need to do.

  • Win the consumer at the Point of Sale. We win when our product leaves the store, therefore all functions play to win the consumer at the Point of Sale.
  • Create a winning team. To succeed, we work as a strong and united team, exploiting the full potential of all individuals – internal and external.
  • Brand alignment.  To be able to reach through and make a difference to the consumer, we need to act and be perceived as one clear brand – in all channels, in all markets and in everything we do, from products to communication.

The fourth question describes our values: How do we do things? We have agreed on five values that drive our behaviour at Björn Borg

Energy literally sparks from our bodies in our constant charge forward. Not because someone forces us to, but because we love it.
Sports is the power that gives us adrenaline and confidence, and our hearts lead the way.
We are driven by passion for what we do, whatever we do.

We care about others and we prove it. We have a strong belief in personal growth and that anyone can go beyond their limitations. That’s why we push each other forward because we are all stronger when we give each other power. That’s why we believe that one plus one equals not just three, but even more.

Winning Attitude
We aim high to reach high. Winning is in our genes and we never accept losing. If we are alone, we aim to win. If we are in a team, we aim to win for that team. We never give up and never stop believing that we have the power to win.

We don’t believe in norms – we believe in following our own vision with clear determination. We stand up for what we believe in, no matter the consequences. That is why we always do things our own way and fight on the frontline against any norm, ideal or tradition that prevents people from reaching their full potential.

We always put on a smile in everything we do and have confidence enough to not take ourselves too seriously. Some people call it aura, others attraction. We call it magnetic. A special glow that comes from within, a combination of looks, appearance and expression.

The fifth question describes what inspires and motivates us: Why do we do this?

We inspire people to be more, through our belief that sports will make our minds, souls and bodies become something more than what they are today, and that anyone can become anything.

Financial objectives

Björn Borg’s long-term financial goals for the company, that were concluded 2015 for the period 2015-2019, have been updated early 2019 and are as follows:

• Annual sales growth of minimum 5 percent
• Annual operating margin of minimum 10 percent
• An annual dividend of at least 50 percent of net profit
• The equity/assets ratio should not fall below 35 percent (before IFRS 16 takes effect).


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The Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella boasts a rich history and a longstanding association with tennis legends. A pivotal figure in the club’s early years was the legendary tennis icon Björn Borg.
Borg’s ties with the Puente Romano Tennis Club strengthened significantly in 1980 when the club served as the venue for his wedding.
Although Björn Borg’s direct involvement in managing the Puente Romano Tennis Club eventually concluded, his enduring legacy laid the groundwork for the club’s esteemed status in the tennis realm.

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