Björn Borg products are sold in department stores, chains and individual retailers as well as through Group-owned and franchised Björn Borg stores and factory outlets. A growing share is sold in Björn Borg stores and through own and external e-commerce. This combination creates the right positioning in the upper mid-price segment while also generating high sales volumes.

The expansive network of retailers represents an important interface with consumers. In all, around 4,000 retailers sell Björn Borg underwear and sports apparel, including 1,220 in Sweden, 480 in Denmark, 550 in the Netherlands, 620 in Norway, 230 in Belgium, 230 in England and 620 in Finland. In smaller markets, around 840 retailers sell these products. In addition, there are around 1,870 retailers in the footwear segment in the Swedish and Finnish markets combined. Björn Borg products are sold by a total of around 6,700 retailers.

Apparel and sporting goods chains and department stores have gradually grown in importance to the sale of Björn Borg products, while independent retailers are shrinking in number. This creates a more efficient sell-in process and leads to greater exposure in high traffic areas.

Underwear from Björn Borg is often displayed centrally in department stores, retail chains and fashion boutiques. From well-stocked displays, the products build brand awareness. Björn Borg provides stores with flexible point-of-sale solutions for small spaces, along with fast service and replenishment. This facilitates sales at the retail level – a strong sales argument for Björn Borg’s distributors. In several major chains and department stores, Björn Borg products are displayed separately in shop-in-shops with the brand’s own décor.

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