Ethical Business

Ethical Business

Every person within our company has the same rights, obligations, and possibilities within all areas of life, including work, career, professional development, and salary.

Gender equality

We always strive for an even gender distribution per work category and department, and at the same time offer equal employment conditions. Our goal that neither gender should make up over 60% of any of Björn Borg’s key governing bodies offers somewhat of a challenge. We work in an industry with a high female representation, and most of our employees are women (75%).

Diversity & non-discrimination

Diversity improves the ability to reach business targets and stay relevant as a brand and a business. We believe that differences are an asset that increases efficiency and creativity. Our Equality Policy sets out the framework for equality, diversity, and respect and must be complied with in all segments and companies of the Group. Employees shall be recruited, selected, evaluated and promoted on unbiased and transparent grounds, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Everyone at Björn Borg shall be treated equally and have the same development opportunities regardless of such factors. Björn Borg has zero-tolerance regarding discrimination of any kind. Training and guidance regarding diversity are part of our leadership program.

Our non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies follow the ILO convention, and the ultimate compliance lies with the HR manager.