Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee prepares and proposes resolutions for the AGM including proposals for the chairman, the members of the board, the board compensation, the chairman of the AGM, the audit fees, the rules for the Nomination Committee and the election of auditors.

The Nomination Committee for the 2021 AGM is appointed by the Chairman contacting the four largest shareholders per 31 August 2020, asking them to appoint one person each to participate in the Nomination Committee.

The Chairman has contacted the largest shareholders in accordance with the decided rules for the Nomination Committee and has established the Nomination Committee for the AGM 2021. The members of the Nomination Committee are:

Heiner Olbrich, Chairman of the Board
Veronica Sandman, appointed by Martin Bjäringer
Mats H Nilsson, appointed by himself as a shareholder
Fredrik Lövstedt, appointed by himself as a shareholder

Due to changes in the ownership of shares in Björn Borg, Thomas Ehlin (appointed by the Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund) resigned from the nomination committee on March 18, 2021.