Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee prepares and proposes resolutions for the AGM including proposals for the chairman, the members of the board, the board compensation, the chairman of the AGM, the audit fees, the rules for the Nomination Committee and the election of auditors.

For the AGM 2024 the Nomination Committee proposes that the Board of Directors shall consist of seven directors. The Nomination Committee proposes to re-elect Alessandra Cama, Anette Klintfält, Fredrik Lövstedt, Mats H Nilsson, Heiner Olbrich, Jens Høgsted, and Johanna Schottenius. The Nomination Committee proposes that Heiner Olbrich is re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The Nomination Committee’s other proposals will be presented in the notice to attend the Annual General Meeting.

The Nomination Committee for the AGM 2024 consists of:

  • Mathias Nimlin (appointed by Martin Bjäringer)
  • Mats H Nilsson (appointed by himself),
  • Thomas Eklund (appointed by himself),
  • André Schottenius representing Schottenius family
  • Heiner Olbrich (Chairman of the Board of Directors)