Our values

Our values

How – our values

When we carry out our different job duties and combine those with our unique attitude, we maximize our results. That unique attitude is described as our values, which is defined by all the employees at our company. It is through our attitude and activities that we live our brand and make it real.

  • Passion: Firmly positioned deep on the baseline, attentively awaiting the serve, we see the entire court. It sounds quiet, but it’s loud. It appears calm, but it’s alive. It’s fast moving and vibrant. We see the ball coming. Our passion inspires action. This organic energy pulls you in, opportunity displaces restriction. Potential and greatness are discovered naturally. Here, in this moment, it feels like it’s where you’re supposed to be. Here, it’s Björn Borg.
  • Multiplying: Here exists a seamless synergy, where cooperation, acceptance, and camaraderie function in harmony to create an outcome stronger than the individual parts. One plus one equals more than three. Together, our unique characteristics, talents, energies, and efforts transform into an experience that moves beyond all past limitations. Together, impossible is nothing.
  • Winning attitude: Winning is a daily process beginning with a well defined vision. The conviction to persevere. The strength to embrace what can be controlled, the patience to prepare for what cannot. We perform when it matters most, undeterred and engaged in the face of adversity. Our purpose is clear – you mustn’t be pushed, the vision pulls you.

When we live our brand…

Inside each and every person lies something special, a winning confidence, a determination to be the best version of you. Our desire is to create products that spark this confidence and inspire individual performance. Your look doesn’t need changing and our products won’t change the way you look, but they can change the way you feel.

Why – our mission: To make a difference

We believe all humans carry the will to make a difference – for themselves, for someone else, or for the world. We believe that we all can be different and make things better. Together we can change the game and break what is impossible.