A winning team is a prerequisite for any success and it goes, of course, also for any fruitful sustainability work. Our team is not only our employees. It is also our partners and the people who buy buy our products.

Sustainability is about people. We need to find that natural drive for finding the more sustainable solution to every problem. Motivation through training, information, and education is key to our whole sustainability work. With every individual pulling their weight, we run faster by the day.

It starts with our employees but it doesn’t stop there. Once we are all aboard, we involve our partners to see how we can work with them to align with both their and our sustainability goals. Our partners are everywhere, they are all our stakeholders. Customers, suppliers, transporters, governments, investors…we all collaborate and we enjoy drive and pure passion across borders and across companies.

Our journey wouldn’t exist if nobody bought our goods. The consumer is the ruler of the empire, the one we all work for. But even though we depend on their liking, we can still work for enabling consumers to make a better choice.

Follow our logic around: