Strong team, strong results

Offering an inspiring workplace with meaningful tasks in a respectful, equal, and positive environment is a natural way for us to work with staff retention. People that feel respected, challenged in a good way, empowered, and in balance without negative stress will constitute a more sustainable workforce and the best investment we can make. Integrating sustainability in our business goals and in our day-to-day reality gives our team meaning and is something that employees both stay in the company for and show interest for in recruitments. Our team is our most important asset and measuring the wellbeing of our staff is our top KPI apart from consumers’ perception of the brand.

In 2020, Björn Borg moved its headquarters to a site that completely aligns with the company values. It sits in a vast nature area, Haga Park, a popular part of the Royal National City Park, surrounding us with lush green and water. The Frösundavik building was the first office building in Sweden to be honoured with a Fitwel certificate for its attention to health and wellbeing. It offers extensive thinking around sick leave prevention and stress – partially through generous daylight and greens in the glass construction. The company offers bicycles, paddleboards, kayaks, a padel court, and a fully equipped gym for all employees and tenants. Frösundavik also holds a BREEAM certificate – the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure, and buildings. It is an international scheme that provides independent third-party certification of the assessment or the sustainability performance of the built environment. The building uses local energy thanks to its position on top of an esker with large groundwater depositories. It is called an aquifer and can be found only in a handful of buildings that hold these geotechnical conditions in Sweden. The aquifer is used as a storage for both heating and cooling, making it possible to use the heating during winter (with hot water saved from the summer) and cooling during summer (with cold water saved from the winter). It is a circular process where all the pumped-up groundwater is returned after usage. This way, the building’s annual energy usage is minimal, and 100% of the electricity used is wind powered. During 2022, all radiators were exchanged from electric to water.