Partner Alignment

Partner Alignment

2021 was a prosperous year in more than one sense for Björn Borg.
Not the least, we took a few important steps on our journey to the 2030 goals.
Here are the most important results of our sustainability work with our partners and products in 2021:

Our code of conduct

Björn Borg has been a member of amfori for many years and applies the amfori BSCI code of conduct. Regular audits and our own factory visits allow us to make sure that the working conditions with our suppliers are safe, fair and healthy. We keep a close dialogue with our suppliers and take action to make sure that regulations are followed, and improvements are made. In accordance with the code of conduct, a number of human rights areas are controlled.

We keep a close dialogue with our suppliers and take action to make sure that regulations are followed, and improvements are made. Child labour or forced labour are under no circumstance allowed and have never been encountered in any of our factories.

The Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct refers to international conventions relevant to improve working conditions in the supply chain. Business partners must comply, as a minimum, with wages mandated by governments’ minimum wage legislation, or industry standards approved on the basis of collective bargaining, whichever is higher. All our tier 1 suppliers but for one (who has a WRAP certificate) are enrolled in amfori.

For our licensees, code of conduct and audits work slightly different. All Björn Borg footwear production facilities are fully audited, either through amfori BSCI or SMETA. Many of them also apply The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM), a sustainability assessment tool that standardizes how facilities measure and evaluate their environmental performance, year over year. Staff from our footwear licensee’s offices in China and Portugal visits factories regularly.

Our licensee for eyewear works actively with its suppliers and normally performs regular factory controls. However, a Covid-19 effect has been that the controls haven’t been performed during 2021. The regular routine is picked up again in 2022.

More about audits, audit results etc in our sustainability report.

Below, our manufacturers.