In the late 80’s, a group of people embarked on a journey to design the best pair of underwear ever. Hard work and an unseen attention to detail led to a pair of shorts that offered the perfect fit. Men turned religious, sales sky rocketed. It lasted for a decade. Today, the time is right for the Classic Boxer to be enjoyed by a new generation of underwear connoisseurs.

The Björn Borg Classic Boxer model 3201 enjoyed an unparalleled success throughout the better part of the 90’s, but current trends dictated a more colourful fashion and the model was taken out of production. But there was an itch. An itch within the Björn Borg design team to get the true heritage out there again. The True Story. In the name of true craftsmanship, of classic style and of the perfect fit, model 3201 is re-launched, back in shelves in the beginning of October.

The update, named The True Story, still enjoys the ultimate fit from before, but the quality is upgraded to 100% American Pima Cotton; a superior fibre with extra softness and durability. The product comes in a textile book cover box to tell the story of attention to detail.

“When our Classic Boxer was launched, there was nothing similar out there, at least not in the Swedish market; Y front briefs and minis were the ruling trend. We couldn’t even have dreamt of the success that the new boxer actually became. We are very excited to launch this again”, comments James Lee, Head of Design, Björn Borg AB.

The True Story will be found in carefully select premium retail outlets in seven markets (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Holland and Belgium) from the end of October, as well as through the Björn Borg web shop at bjornborg.com from October 15, 2015. Recommended retail price: €34.99.

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