Bjorn Borg goes premium fashion with premiere collection smash

HISTORY Our concept naturally starts off with Bjorn Borg’s great tennis career. But it is not only his fantastic victories, which have created the fundament for our brand. Bjorn was also one of the most influential style icons during the 70’s and 80’s. Most of his fans did not actually care at all about tennis. Bjorn Borg had irresistible looks with his long blond hair, athletic body and typically Scandinavian shyness. On the court, he was strong, fast and unforgiving. Tennis became overnight an extremely popular sport. Bjorn Borg was more popular than many rock and pop stars of the time. He was a major celebrity all around the world.

PRESENTATION OF THE SPRING/SUMMER 2008 MENSWEAR COL LECTION SMASH This is about Bjorn Borg’s legacy, aspiration and mind set. We create expressions and energy from his persona.

Smash is about conscious strengths and flamboyant manners. The collection is inspired by Bjorn Borg’s heydays in the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties New York. The impressions from the Pop and Disco era, the long lasting garage mixes, the art world with all the sparkling influences, charm meets integrity, distinguished tennis having an affair with fashion. When new classic shapes in sophisticated innovative fabrics evoke meaning, that’s our definition to “another sport”. “We wanted to create a new formula for men’s fashion. It’s about being masculine and chic, just like Bjorn Borg was in his glory days”, says Peter Simonsson, CD for Bjorn Borg AB.

ABOUT BJORN BORG The Group develops and conducts its operations under the Bjorn Borg brand.
The operations currently comprise the following five product areas: clothing, footwear, bags, eyewear and fragrances. Bjorn Borg products are sold in ten markets in Europe, the largest of which are Sweden and the Netherlands. Sales of Bjorn Borg products in 2006 totaled SEK 1,404 million at the consumer level.
The Group’s sales during the same period amounted to SEK 325 million and profit after financial items to SEK 81 million. The company has 64 employees. The Bjorn Borg share has been traded in the Mid Cap segment of the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Nordic List since May 7, -2007.

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Filip in our latest AW23 Borg Collection.

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Monte Carlo Country Club.

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