Björn Borg has run a test in Sweden for subscriptions of their men’s boxers – with great success. After a year’s trial on a national level, the brand now introduces men’s underwear subscriptions globally. The set-up is simple; put together your selection of choice; the number of pairs, the styles, prints or not, and you will get a fresh package in your mailbox every two months.

– For many men, boxers are one of those things that you get as a gift from your girlfriend or your mother and that matter only when you get undressed in front of a person of romantic interest. But when you have finally found that rare piece that meets all your requirements, you want to stick to it. This is why underwear subscriptions work; they simplify life and subscribers get an even better deal, comments Noelia Guinon, e-commerce manager at Björn Borg.

A subscription of underwear has the upside of all other subscriptions; no more hassling with putting orders and remembering web sites, just mind yourself and the mailman takes care of the rest. Every two months you get just the right amount of surprise: no strange change of model or fit, always great quality, just two pairs of underwear in a colour or print to perk up your day (or night).

If you would rather honour somebody else with a subscription, that is of course also an option. A subscription is not binding; it can be stopped at any time, with two weeks notice. A person with an overfull underwear drawer can also pause his subscription until further notice.

Subscriptions come in different sizes and with different options, ranging from €32-35 and can be ordered at Subscriptions come with a 20% lower price tag and every new subscriber will receive a complimentary pair of socks.

If the service works out well, Björn Borg plans to introduce subscriptions for women’s underwear as well as for sportswear.

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