Björn Borg releases home workout equipment range


In its pursuit to inspire people to work out, and by doing so becoming more and getting more out of life, Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg is releasing a training equipment collection for home workouts. The range consists of four different functional training tools to make workout sessions at home easier and more inspiring.

Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg now expands its sports product range by adding training tools to the assortment. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the change in lifestyle and everyday activities it’s contributing to, the brand now aspires to motivate and inspire their customers to keep their bodies and minds active while at home.

The idea behind these training tools was to make training more accessible at home during these special times. We don’t believe in letting go of routines that make us stronger, better, happier and that makes us better versions of ourselves, but would rather do the opposite and level up”, says Andreas Gran, Creative Director at Björn Borg. “With our workout equipment, we want to inspire people to keep moving and improving, but also create training tools with a clean, timeless design.”

The range includes exetubes, a yoga mat, a skipping rope and resistance bands. The exetubes are great for resistance training and muscular coordination and are equipped with comfortable handles completely covered with robust cordura to protect the straps. The yoga mat is 6 mm thick which gives it comfortable cushioning, perfect for pilates, yoga and stretching. Due to the closed-cell surface, it has a good grip and bounce for rooted and efficient full-body training and is also made of EU approved PVC, which is free from harmful chemicals and phthalates. The skipping rope is designed with two-ball bearings for increased speed and has extra long aluminium handles with a special pattern for a good grip. Lastly, the resistance bands are designed for enhanced strength and muscle flexibility. The bands are best used around arms or legs to improve strength and comes in a pack of three.

The collection is user-friendly and approachable for all experience levels, using different resistance levels for the exetubes identifiable by the colours red (4.5 kg), green (6.8 kg) and black (9.1 kg), as well as the resistance bands with the three levels light (5-10 kg), medium (10-15 kg) and hard (13-18 kg).

The workout equipment range will be available online and in selected stores early December.

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Borg’s ties with the Puente Romano Tennis Club strengthened significantly in 1980 when the club served as the venue for his wedding.
Although Björn Borg’s direct involvement in managing the Puente Romano Tennis Club eventually concluded, his enduring legacy laid the groundwork for the club’s esteemed status in the tennis realm.

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