BJÖRN BORG shows ´See now, Buy now´ Exclusive Collection at the Royal Tennis Hall at Fashion Week Stockholm in August

At 8 PM on the 31ST of August BJÖRN BORG is, for the very first time, showing its limited Signature Collection – exclusively created to celebrate the sports legend and style icon Björn Borg. The runway show ‘V E R S U S ‘ is a tribute to the brands heritage and future empowerment as the ultimate sports fashion brand and will be a monumental manifestation held at the renowned Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm. The collection is created in relation to the already announced collaboration between BJÖRN BORG and the movie “BORG”.

With ‘V E R S U S’ BJÖRN BORG will create a visual representation of the infamous saga of rivalry between the two tennis players Borg and McEnroe – righty vs. lefty, defender vs. attacker, ice vs. fire, machine vs. mad genius. Also, BJÖRN BORG is making a foray into the ‘see now, buy now’ concept when, unlike many other brands during Fashion Week Stockholm, showing pieces that will be available immediately after appearing on the runway. This is one of BJÖRN BORG’s initiatives to celebrate its heritage as a sports fashion brand and to act in the forefront with a shoppable runway that will benefit BJÖRN BORG to move closer to its public audience.

Collections to be shown will be the limited edition Signature Collection as well as Main Fall Winter 2017 Collection. The Signature Collection is a vintage sportswear collection with retro details and the iconic logo on updated classics. It has a strong DNA sprung from the legendary tennis player Björn Borg, and his iconic way of bringing fashion and stardom into the aristocratic and conservative tennis arena. The collection is strongly linked to the biopic BORG – a film about Björn Borg’s life and tennis career from youngster up until his Wimbledon victory against John McEnroe in 1980. The movie BORG is starring actors Sverrir Gudnason, Tuva Novotny, Stellan Skarsgård and Shia LaBoeuf as well as Leo Borg.

The BJÖRN BORG Main Fall Winter 2017 collection has a sport leisure style emerged with a strong functionality for an everyday life. The big and bold branding is a result speared from the inspiration maximal-minimal. The Fall Winter Collection will be an important element for the show, further amplifying the brand offer.

The Royal Tennis Hall, located in central Stockholm, is the place where Björn Borg began his career. The arena is designed by architect Sture Frölén and was first opened during the second World War in 1943. The building was initiated by the kind Gustav V and financed by two business men Marcus Wallenberg and Ernst S. Nilson.


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Essentials for the summer getaway.

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We’re calling it, this is the color of summer ‘24.

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@linneawidmark in Seamless Set, color Diva Pink.

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We know tennis. Full Racquet Club Collection now live at

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At the heart of our heritage.
The Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella boasts a rich history and a longstanding association with tennis legends. A pivotal figure in the club’s early years was the legendary tennis icon Björn Borg.
Borg’s ties with the Puente Romano Tennis Club strengthened significantly in 1980 when the club served as the venue for his wedding.
Although Björn Borg’s direct involvement in managing the Puente Romano Tennis Club eventually concluded, his enduring legacy laid the groundwork for the club’s esteemed status in the tennis realm.

Our entire SS24 Racquet Club Collection is shoot here, at Puente Romano Tennis Club. 

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