Björn Borg launches Grand Slam, a new range of underwear – Design inspired by the early career of the tennis legend

When the Björn Borg brand launched its first range of underwear nearly 20 years ago, the design was sporty and classic. Underwear and women’s briefs in basic colors such as white, black and grey in classic cotton were a success. As new designs were developed, Björn Borg underwear became famous for their colorful and playful patterns.

– The Björn Borg career as a world-class tennis player covered not only sports, but also style. At the height of his career, Björn Borg was considered a style icon all over the world. This new range picks up on this heritage, says Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR and Event Manager at Björn Borg.

The underwear is available in six models, the colors white, blue, red and black, and a total of eight different fabrics. Two models are made of Eco Cotton.

– The Grand Slam range will be a somewhat more exclusive part of our underwear selection. With Grand Slam, we are able to offer our customers more variety than before, says Anna Carin Modin, Product Manager at Björn Borg.

The name of this range puns on the most prestigious prize in tennis, the Grand Slam. During his career, Björn Borg won 11 titles in the Grand Slam tournaments, but he was never able to capture the Grand Slam Trophy. To win this ultimate trophy, you need to win all the four major tournament titles in the same year (the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open).

The price of the Grand Slam underwear ranges from SEK 199 to 299. The underwear will be available in selected stores all over Sweden and in Björn Borg stores as of November this year.

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Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, [Local Spokesperson],
PR and Event Manager, Björn Borg [Position], Björn Borg [country]
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