Björn Borg makes peace using discarded underwear

In connection with UN day the Swedish fashion company Björn Borg is trying something new, hoping to reduce the number of wars being waged on our Earth. In their new international campaign the company urges the consumers of the world to send old underwear to the warmongers of the world.

By using discarded underwear and the Internet the fashion company Björn Borg wants all Swedes as well as people from all over the world to make their voices heard. In their new campaign Peace on Earth the company urges the world’s population to send their discarded underwear to the company. Björn Borg will then send this mountain of old underwear on to the least popular warmongers in the world.

-It is a positive way of placing focus on an important question and as a fashion company we would like to do this tongue in cheek, says the deputy MD of Björn Borg Jimmy Johansson.

To decide who should have this mountain of underwear dumped on their doorstep Björn Borg is asking the world’s population for their help. On their homepage the company has made a form available where anyone can nominate who they think should receive the mountain of discarded underwear.

Starting Wednesday 24 October it will be possible to follow the voting via the company’s homepage and to quickly see who is currently is running the greatest risk of receiving a mountain of underwear on their doorstep. There is no final date for the initiative and it will be possible to nominate warmongers constantly.

A presentation of the initiative can be found here:

For more information, please contact:
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR/Event Manager, Björn Borg AB
Phone: +46 8 506 337 15

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