Björn Borg shows that love is for all in a new campaign video

“The video is about love in a manner worth considering. At Björn Borg, we are happy and proud to have created a platform which allows all kinds of expressions for interpreting love”, says Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR and Event Manager at Björn Borg.

The video is one step further towards Björn Borg’s ambition of everyone being able to find love. Björn Borg has previously launched a free dating site and will soon introduce Lucky Underwear. The name is punning on a term meaning that a certain pair of underpants can bring you luck and consists of underwear adorned with lucky numbers and amulets.

“Björn Borg’s objective with Love For All is that everyone will find love. The dating site at brings people together and our Lucky Underwear will hopefully bring luck on the love front. The video is our way of showing that love is for everyone”, explains Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke.

Watch the entire video at

The advertising agencies Anjovis and Farfar have created Björn Borg’s campaign, Love For All.
Multiple award-winning Oscar Bård has directed the Love for All video.

For further information, please contact:
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR and Event Manager, Björn Borg
Phone: +46(0)8-527 33 715

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