Björn Borg Spring/Summer Swimwear Collection 2010

For the collection of spring/summer of 2010, Björn Borg divides the swimwear collection into two lines, a glamorous, more mature Beach line and a younger, more playful Surf line. The swimwear is supplemented with towels, flip-flops and beach bags matching the colours.

The Beach line took off at the period after Björn Borg’s successful tennis career. The style is retro rock with a touch of the French Riviera, for activities on the beach rather than in the water. The cuts are more mature with an inspiration from the sixties and the accent colours are quite soft in green, red and blue for him and red-pink, blue-turquoise and black-brown tones for her.

The Surf line is more colourful with bright turquoise, pink, yellow and red for her and red, blue and black tones for him. The inspiration of the surf line is the free lifestyle of surfers and beach bums on the Atlantic coast. The line is full of fun, inspiring to activities in the water.

Traditional swimwear fabrics such as nylon and polyester both in stretch and woven.

Basic colours are accented with contrasting colours in linings and details. The Beach line is dominated by softer tones while the Surf line has brighter colours.

For him:
Shorts, mid shorts and surf shorts in a variety of models.
The Beach line contour is slimmer than the Surf line.
For her:
Bikinis in hipster and hotpants models with triangle tops, bandeaus and wire tops.
Swimsuits and woven shorts in several lengths and pareos.

For further information, please contact:

Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke,
PR and Event Manager, Björn Borg
Phone: +46(0)8-527 33 715

Louise Sondlo
Phone: +46(0)70 40 822 65

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