Björn Borg Spring/Summer Underwear/Swimwear Collection 09 – Dream and Escape

The Spring/Summer Underwear/Swimwear Collection 09 from Björn Borg gets its inspiration from California Surf style with waves, longboards and bright colours. The collection is reminiscent of beautiful boardwalks accompanied by sunsets and vivid rainbows. Glimpsed in the back is the 70’s rollercoaster along with the stars and stripes bumper-cars. Colourful lollipops are seen in every cheek.

The tennis heritage is still significant for Björn Borg and a great part of the inspiration for the Spring/Summer Collection of 09. The legacy is especially apparent in the Grand Slam Underwear Collection and the Tennis Swimwear items.

“The Underwear/Swimwear of 09 is a contemporary interpretation of the California retrospect laid back surf style. We have also paid a noticeable tribute to the original Björn Borg feeling”, says Anna-Carin Modin, product manager at Björn Borg.

The underwear collection is tight fitting for a secure and comfortable feeling. The waistband of some of the items is wider than earlier with a rainbow pattern. The thin mesh for her is new in the underwear collection, giving the collection a light look.

The Swimwear for him is a mixture of tight trunks, shorts, retro-briefs and loose fitting surf shorts. The bikinis and swimsuits for her are also mixed with surf shorts and a few items for wear to and from the beach.

Underwear: Variations of cotton, tactel and thin mesh.

Swimwear: Polyester, peached polyester (for a softer feeling) and polyamide (for a thin canvas feeling).

The colours range from simple black and white to bright colours for both him and her. For her there are also paler, powdery alternatives. The tennis swimwear items are red and white.

For him:
Underwear – various briefs, short shorts and shorts.
Swimwear – various briefs, trunks, shorts and surf shorts.
For her:
Underwear – various singlets, tops, mini shorts, briefs, strings and v-hipsters.
Swimwear – various tops, bandeaus, shorts, hipsters, swimsuits, surf shorts, skirt, singlet, body and dress.

For further information, please contact:
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke,
PR and Event Manager, Björn Borg
Phone: +46(0)8-527 33 715

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