Change your game with Performance Underwear

Change your game with Performance Underwear

Women have used sports underwear and appreciated its functionalities for years. So why are men restrained to working out in cotton underwear that go wet and heavy? Not anymore. On September 5th, Björn Borg introduced Performance Underwear for men and women.

“We have tested these products on athletes and consumers for more than 3 years and over 90 percent in our test groups think that Performance Underwear is a game changer and holds a perfect fit”, says Mija Nideborn, Design and Product director Björn Borg.

To build a truly strong proposition, Björn Borg releases three products for men and women with different functionalities combining functionality and innovation with style and perfect fit.

“When an athlete works out without appropriate underwear, the body strives harder to maintain thermal balance, which impairs performance”, explains Mija Nideorn, Design and Product director Björn Borg.

For him

Performance for him is thought for regular training or gym work. It is a great product for multipurpose usage and builds on the Björn Borg’s best selling Active Basic Shorts. It features mesh inserts on crutch and inside of the pouch for breathability along with a moisture wicking fabric.

Performance Pro is the next step up. It is functional underwear for more intense workouts and made with a person in mind who is looking for higher support. The material is more supportive than that on the Performance underwear, offering a product that is stable, strong and supportive. It features mesh inserts on the crutch, pouch and also at back for additional breathability.

The Performance Pro Windproof is designed to be worn under cold and harsh conditions, making it suitable for winter sports such as running, downhill or cross country skiing for instance. It is built on the same base as the Performance Pro, but with a polyester windproof fabric on the leg and crutch.

For her

Performance Sport Top is a medium support top, thought for multipurpose training. It is an evolution of the previous Björn Borg Active Sport Top, voted best in test.

Performance High Neck Top is a medium support top, featuring the seasonal high neck trend. It offers the same support and qualities as the Performance Sport Top, with a couple of extra features, such as an elastic on the inside of the bra to give extra support, and removable bra pads.

Performance Pro Bra offers high support for a woman with larger bust. It has a stabilising fabric on the inside and a mesh inner lining for breathability. The cups are moulded for a flattering shape and feature an elastic on the inside. A butterfly hook is placed on the side instead of on the back for a more stylish look. The back features a racer back construction.

The ladies also have three different performance bottoms to choose from:

The Performance Mini Shorts with an updated elastic and laser cut and glued seams on the legs.

The Performance Hipster and Performance String both have laser cut and glued seams on the legs and the waist as well as a laser cut and glued mesh panel on the front. The Perfomance Hipster was just voted Best in Test 2016.

Tech features performance underwear

  • All Björn Borg Performance Underwear come in a wicking Hydro-Pro material with a second-skin feel specifically designed to help keep the wearer comfortable and dry without weighing them down or sacrificing style.
  • Anti-chafing flat seams make sure you avoid irritation on your skin when performing high intensity movements during workouts or running.
  • Unique mesh panels at back and sides for increased ventilation.

Björn Borg Performance Underwear can be found in Björn Borg stores, and select retailers.

Please see the attached product descriptions for each style of underwear.

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