Just in time for Valentine’s, online advergame First Person Lover has hit a sweet spot with the gaming world. Playthroughs on Youtube have rendered over 10M views and people from 176 countries have played the game since its launch less than two weeks ago. In a spirit of “love conquers all”, the game lets you love bomb “anti-fig” demonstrators and a bare-chested tyrant riding a bear.

Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg once again takes a stand for more love in the world. Full of references to the real world and combating evil and hatred with love, computer game First Person Lover has spread quickly in social media. The game is a parody of the First Person Shooter genre and launches Björn Borg’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Gaming reporters are praising it.

“This is incredibly exciting, not least because gamers and Youtubers are very picky. The world has been a bit upside down for some time now, I think people find it liberating to enter a world where everything is about spreading love, says Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director Björn Borg

In the game, your mission as a Love Agent is to fight the forces of evil with the power of love, undressing haters with love guns and liberating them with love and clothes from the new Björn Borg collection.Players are equipped with Valentine’s teddy bear grenades, and a respawn system based on clicking cute animal pictures.

The game has since its launch rendered large attention for its storyline and political references. Players can for instance get a North Korean haircut in Kim’s Barber Shop, lovebomb “God hates figs” demonstrators, and defeat a bare-chested tyrant riding a bear.

First Person Lover is free to play and works on PC as well as Mac. It is one of the first advergames developed in Unity, a software platform, and marks a new way of fashion marketing.Through the game also a new platform for e-commerce is introduced: Björn Borg in-game shopping.

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