Health Promoting Manager of the YearHenrik Bunge together with six other leaders, all winners in their own respective category

Health Promoting Manager of the Year

Performance Management in a Björn Borg sense is about finding time to do the things in your free time that you love and that empowers you, to work out together with your friends at work and to become the best version of yourself. This approach is loved not only by all the BB staff, but also the surrounding world.

Björn Borg CEO Henrik Bunge recently accepted the annual award Health Promoting Manager of the Year with the motivation:

”With a strong belief that every single being can do anything they want, this leader wants to create the optimal growing ground for his co-workers to become the best version of themselves. Through a coaching leadership, he supports his co-workers to refill their depots of training, sleep, relationships and healthy nutrition. The physiological results have increased by 300% and the value of the company has doubled. It’s a leadership that is characterised by clarity and a close dialogue with the staff, encompassing a systematic health work, both at group and individual level, where health is incorporated in the business plan”.

Henrik comments:

“A company consists of people and it is these people that together form a healthy and successful company. In order to be the best version of yourself, you need to feel good, and to feel good, you need to eat well, work out and sleep properly, and to have a good balance between private life and work. This acknowledgement is great and it makes us even more convinced to continue what we started”.

Henrik was one of three nominees and you can see a brief interview with Henrik commenting his nomination here:

The award is arranged by leading Swedish Management Magazine Chef and was revealed on March 9th 2017.

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