Behind the Scenes

Best team activity of the year – the annual Pulka Race!

The annual Pulka Race gets better and better. In a number of heats, a winning team is crowned with the honourable pulka cup. This year's winning team: Our Head Coach and our CFO took revenge on their loss...Read more

Sports Hour

One thing is holy at Björn Borg: our weekly Sports Hour on Fridays between 11-12. Join us in the fun and get smitten by the joy! We strongly encourage you to follow suit! ...Read more

Health Promoting Manager of the Year

Performance Management in a Björn Borg sense is about finding time to do the things in your free time that you love and that empowers you, to work out together with your friends at work and to become t...Read more

Pulka race 2017

For two years in a row, thus far, Björn Borg staff has enjoyed the annual Pulka Race. It is a competition set up in different heats, and held in the greater Stockholm region.Read more

Healthy Business Award

Last October, Björn Borg received the world’s first-ever Healthy Business Award during the HR and leadership seminar Healthy Business in Stockholm.Read more