Nomination Committee in Björn Borg AB

Pursuant to the resolution of the Annual General Meeting, Björn Borg’s Nomination Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Board and one representative of each of the company’s three largest shareholders, measured in terms of votes. The shareholders have now appointed their representatives for the Nomination Committee.

In preparation for the Annual General Meeting 2008, Björn Borg’s Nomination Committee is comprised of the following members:

Fredrik Lövstedt, Chairman of the Board.
Martin Bjäringer, who represents himself as a shareholder (through Dirbal B.V.).
Åsa Nisell, who represents Swedbank Robur Funds.
Mats H Nilsson, who represents himself as a shareholder. Mats H Nilsson is a member of the board of Björn Borg AB.

The Chairman of the Nomination Committee is Martin Bjäringer.

The Annual General Meeting will be held in Stockholm on April 10, 2008.

Shareholders who wish to present proposals to Björn Borg’s Nomination Committee may do so by e-mail to or in writing to Björn Borg AB, Attn.: Nomination Committee, Götgatan 78, SE-118 30 Stockholm, Sweden, no later than February 21, 2008.

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