Sports Fashion brand Björn Borg releases capsule collection inspired by the Swedish darkness

Taking inspiration from the Swedish darkness by using reflective prints, Björn Borg is now releasing a limited edition collection for Autumn/Winter 2020. The collection builds on the brand’s identity, tapping into their heritage and Scandinavian design.

The Running from Daylight collection is designed using words in graphics, all taken from the brand’s core identity. Using the design to communicate who they are and what they believe in, Björn Borg hopes to inspire people to reach their full potential. “With the Running From Daylight collection, we’re inviting everyone to be part of our team and take part in our culture, in every product you can see our brand values and different sayings that we strongly believe in. The goal is to inspire people to become their own best self”, says Emma Lidfeldt, Marketing Director at Björn Borg.

Sprung from their core values, the reflective graphics “Advantage”, “It comes from within”, “Against any norm” and “Running from Daylight” is not just for show, but also for preventive measures. “In Running from Daylight we’ve gathered it all – The Björn Borg heritage, Scandinavian design and the importance of being seen in the dark when out training.”, says Andreas Gran, Creative Director at Björn Borg.

The collection travels across Sports Apparel and Underwear categories for both men and women and is available in stores, online and at selected retailers.



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