Spreading the spirit of Björn Borg all over the world

– The spirit of our consumers has encouraged us to set this goal. Not the least, Swedish golfer, Henrik Stenson,
inspired us. At an international golf tournament in Florida earlier this year, he stripped to his Björn Borg undies to play the ball from muddy water. That’s what we call the spirit, says Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR and Event Manager at Björn Borg.

Apart from aiming for consumer images from all over the world, Björn Borg is also putting up challenges such as “Björn Borg underwear at the highest peak” and “Björn Borg underwear in the hottest spot”. A “Swedish Export” of the month will be nominated that, apart from the honour, wins his or her own weight in underwear.

– We’ve received quite exceptional photos from our consumers, wearing Björn Borg underwear in the most amazing set-ups. People from 31 different countries have already posted photos, quite many of them from countries
where we don’t even have any retailers. Now we want to spread the spirit all over the world and fill the rest of the map with Swedish Exports, says Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke.

All photos will be available for viewing at bjornborg.com and the company is aiming at covering the map by the end of this year. The country that has posted most photos will win a great surprise when the entire map is covered.

Anyone can enter the challenge at bjornborg.com/spirit

For more information, please contact:
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, PR and Event Manager, Björn Borg
Phone: +46(0)8-527 33 715
Email: rocky.brennicke@bjornborg.com

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