Test results below recommended limits

Information about a test on two pairs of black Björn Borg underwear showing high concentra-tion of the substance nonylphenol ethoxylate occured in the media last week. Björn Borg immediately took action to clarify the matter.

Björn Borg has now had further tests conducted on a random sampling of men’s underwear, in several different patterns and colors, by a certified, well-respected, independent laboratory in Stockholm. The test results show that these products are well below the limits on nonyl-phenol ethoxylates recommended by the Swedish Textile Importers’ Association (max 250 mg/kg) and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (max 20-50 mg/kg).

-We take it very seriously that a test has found too high concentrations and are of course pleased to hear that the independent tests we directly carried out show results well below the recommended limits. We are continuing our long-term environmental work putting additional pressure on our suppliers and striving for continuous improvement – both in their processes and ours, Nils Vinberg, CEO, comments.

Björn Borg has samples of material tested from every shipment, in addition to random tests during the season. The company has decided to increase the number of random samples from approximately 5-10 to around 30 per year to ensure compliance with our environmental requirements. Moreover, the company will assist its suppliers to further enhance their environmental work, e.g. with the aim to make suppliers stop using nonylphenol in their production process and use other environmental friendly methods.

The information currently available shows that there is no evidence of a connection between allergic reactions and nonylphenol ethoxylates.

For further information, please contact:
Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, phone +46 8 506 33 700 mobile +46 709 20 20 80, rocky.brennicke@bjornborg.com
Nils Vinberg, CEO, phone +46 8 506 33 700, mobile +46 708 63 11 01, nils.vinberg@bjornborg.com

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