The Nomination Committee’s proposal regarding the Board of Directors of Björn Borg AB (publ)

The Nomination Committee of Björn Borg proposes the election of Martin Bjäringer, Nathalie Schuterman and Anders Slettengren as new members of the Board of Directors.

Martin Bjäringer, who was previously a director of Björn Borg’s Board in 1999 and 2004, is an entrepreneur with many years of financial experience from the investment company Monterro and from his time in investment banking with Alfred Berg, among other firms.

Natalie Schuterman has many years of experience in fashion and design and has started, manages and owns fashion stores, including under her own name, in Stockholm.

Anders Slettengren has board experience from a number of fashion companies and is the Chief Executive Officer of the investment company Novax AB, whose holdings include design and fashion companies such as Filippa K and Designtorget.

The Nomination Committee also proposes the reelection of directors Isabelle Ducellier, Kerstin Hessius, Fredrik Lövstedt and Mats H Nilsson. Vilhelm Schottenius and Michael Storåkers have declined reelection. Fredrik Lövstedt is nominated for reelection as Chairman of the Board.

Information about the members of Björn Borg’s Nomination Committee and the Board of Directors can be found on Björn Borg’s website, ( The other proposals of the Nomination Committee are presented in the notice to Björn Borg’s Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 10, 2014, in Stockholm.
For further information, please contact:
Mats H Nilsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, tel. +41 (0)789-251492
Fredrik Lövstedt, Chairman of the Board, tel. +46 (0)708-595480

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About Björn Borg
The Group owns the Björn Borg trademark and its core business is underwear. It also offers sportswear and fragrances as well as footwear, luggage & bags and eyewear through licensees. Björn Borg products are sold in around thirty markets, of which Sweden and the Netherlands are the largest. The Björn Borg Group has operations at every level from branding to consumer sales in its own Björn Borg stores. In total, there are 38 Björn Borg stores, 17 of which are managed by the Group. Sales of Björn Borg products amounted to around SEK 1.5 billion at the consumer level in 2013. Group net sales amounted to SEK 499 million in 2013, with 159 employees. The Björn Borg share has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic in Stockholm since 2007.

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