Tifo hijacks the World Cup premiere for LGBTQ rights

During the premiere of the World Cup in Russia, a gay couple kissing with Russian and Saudi Arabian flags painted on their cheeks is displayed through a tifo in Augmented Reality. Together with the message “Love Will Win Tonight”, the initiative urges people to take a stand against both countries’ oppressive LGBTQ rights and marriage inequality.

In the name of love, and flying under the flag of Marriage Unblocked, Swedish sports fashion brand Björn Borg takes a stand for LGBTQ rights in Russia. During the Russia-Saudi Arabia game a bold AR-tifo is spread around the globe and virtually snuck into the arena, so that anyone watching the game can back the basic right to love anyone.

–We believe that sport is love and love is equal. The hidden tifo is our way of supporting all love that’s forced to stay hidden in these two countries. It’s a simple message –  that in the end – love will always win. We can’t find a better moment to lift this debate than during the World Cup in Russia says Jonas Lindberg Nyvang, Marketing Director at Björn Borg.

Today, same-sex marriages are forbidden in 87% of all countries in the world. In Russia, promoting homosexuality is considered propaganda, and Saudi Arabia is considered to have some of the worst LGBTQ rights in the world – where being gay is a crime that can be punished by death.

The message is also spread in Russian media through targeted ads in the country’s most renown newspaper, The Moscow Times. Urging people to take a stand for love and marriage equality with the message – “Love Will Win Tonight.”

The tifo will be possible to use during the whole World Cup. Find it here: https://tifo.marriageunblocked.com/

How to use the tifo:

1. Visit: https://tifo.marriageunblocked.com/

2. Place the tifo on top of the crowd in the arena or in front of the TV

3. Screenshot or save it to your camera roll and share it under #MarriageUnblocked or #WorldCup2018


Marriage Unblocked is a digital platform that enables anyone to walk down the aisle digitally, store their encrypted vows forever and get a certificate of their digital marriage.

Blockchain is a new technology that allows users to store information forever, without the involvement of any third parties such as the state or the church. The most renown use case is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency – but blockchain can be used to decentralize any system of power, not only banking. Now Björn Borg uses the same technology to challenge the control of love and open up marriages for all.

Visit the platform here: http://www.marriageunblocked.com/

Watch the film about equal love here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpt_DPeRWGw&t=3s

Download press kit here: https://we.tl/ultAJxZeLJ

For more information & pictures, please contact:
Johanna Juhlin, Brand Marketing Manager, Björn Borg
johanna.juhlin@bjornborg.com, +4673 5027216.

Emma Bengtsson, PR and Social Media Manager, Björn Borg
emma.bengtsson@bjornborg.com, +4673 0579820.


Brand Marketing Manager


Mobile:   +46 73 502 72 16

Email:   johanna.juhlin@bjornborg.com


PR & Social Media Manager


Mobile:   +46 73 057 98 20

Email:   emma.bengtsson@bjornborg.com

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