Swedish fashion brand Björn Borg opens up for a digital way to generate Nudeclear energy and take an active stand for more love in the world on the site unitethelovers.com. For each couple united online, Björn Borg supports the voluntary organisation Love Commandos with means to shelter Indian lovers in need of protection.

Why? Because love is a privilege that far from all couples can afford. When arranged marriage is the ruling tradition, the rebels choosing love before tradition often face brutal consequences.

“Nudeclear power is the energy generated when wearing our products. In this campaign we enable people to generate this energy for a good cause. We believe in everyone’s right to love whoever they choose and Love Commandos really make a difference in this respect, it was the perfect match”, says Lina Söderqvist, Marketing Director, Björn Borg AB.

In today’s India, arranged marriages are still the ruling tradition. According to UNICEF, as many as 90% of all marriages in India are arranged by parents. Potential marriage partners are vetted on the basis of, for instance, their caste, complexion, and horoscope.

Love being literally a matter of life and death, Indian voluntary organisation Love Commandos offer a refuge – shelter and a chance to wed your true love. Founded in 2010, Love Commandos receives an average of 300 calls per day and has to date helped 23 000 couples, offering seven shelters in New Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) as well as over 200 shelters around the country.

“In every nook and corner of this country there are couples under threat. Women suffer the most. They have to bear much more torture, agony, abuse, beating and even killing, because we live in a male-dominated society, a chauvinistic society. Our society does not accept love. There is a social stigma involved in a boy and girl in love“, comments Sanjoy Sachdev, Chairman of the Love Commandos.

For more information about Love commandos: http://www.lovecommandos.org


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At the heart of our heritage.
The Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella boasts a rich history and a longstanding association with tennis legends. A pivotal figure in the club’s early years was the legendary tennis icon Björn Borg.
Borg’s ties with the Puente Romano Tennis Club strengthened significantly in 1980 when the club served as the venue for his wedding.
Although Björn Borg’s direct involvement in managing the Puente Romano Tennis Club eventually concluded, his enduring legacy laid the groundwork for the club’s esteemed status in the tennis realm.

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